Base Jumping – Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

by MrHughesReviews


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 miracle skin cream


As a more mature (those words actually stick in my throat!!), I have to reconsider my make up on a regular basis as my skin condition changes with the seasons and my own internal ‘seasonal’ changes. I have developed higher colour on my cheeks (for that read RED!) which is heightened when I experience one of those rather annoying core power surges, coupled with dry patches and some congestion around my nose area .


I have never worn foundation other than when I have had my make up professionally done for an event or a wedding. On the odd occasion I have ventured into the realms of bases I find that every wrinkle and blemish (to me) looks deeper and more pronounced. I missed a trick here I think – perhaps I should have slathered myself with full schlap from a much earlier age and remained ageless like the incredible Joan Collins who looks no older now than she did 35 years ago. That really is AGELESS beauty.


So when I have jumped from brand to brand and left my brain addled with the conflicting information from the sales assistants I am still no closer to finding ‘The One’. I have sampled the BB’s and CC’s but the coverage on these seem a little too dense for me– I am wanting to achieve a more even tone but don’t want to have to rebuild every contour and colour tone on my face so perhaps a tinted moisturiser is where I should be heading ?– but I have discovered Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Anti-Ageing Skin Transforming Cream – not sure which part is the ‘miracle’ but fascinating to see a white cream turn into a sheer natural base that adjusts to your natural skin tone.



What the Garnier website says


An innovative self-adjusting formula protected by 9 patents combines the power of advanced optical correction with excellent skincare performance.

At first contact its unique formula with encapsulated micro-pigments transforms on contact with skin to self-adjust to your skin tone. Instantly, your skin looks awakened, more luminous and even, as if corrected.


Everyday, its anti-ageing formula with SPF20 acts to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Skin looks younger and feels firmer.

Result – flawless looking skin: your complexion looks more even, your skin texture appears improved. Your skin looks more beautiful as if transformed



A small amount goes a long way, I use a moisturiser underneath as I don’t feel the cream is hydrating enough on its own but it does have a lovely, floral fragrance and does feel light on the skin – a must for me. The cream will certainly not give enough coverage for someone who is used to using a true base or foundation but the sheer colour (which automatically colour matches your own skintone) definitely evens out colour, not sure I achieve ‘flawless’ but good to know there is an SPF in there too. I don’t think I use it regularly enough to comment on its firming properties as I tend to use it when I am applying full make up rather than every day. I do believe if you use any foundation every day people get used to seeing you with it and then you have the inevitable “you look tired” on the days you decide to go au naturel.


I bought the product in Boots when it was first launched at a promotional price – incidentally it is a lot cheaper now on, but didn’t use it for ages as there simply were not enough instructions on any of the packaging (it is a tube sold in a box), to really understand when I should be using the product and how. The information is available online but given that this product is being marketed to the ageless category I don’t think a web based tutorial is necessarily your first port of call for instructions for use. I love a face to face with a well trained sales associate but this is usually confined to the more premium brands and so with the masstige brands I expect clear defined instructions on the product, albeit in a leaflet, on the outer or on the packaging itself – Garnier Miracle Skin Cream certainly retains an air of mystery until you do click through to the product website where there is a demo and a comprehensive guide to the product.


I do like this product but I think after my summer glow has diminished I will probably be ready for something with a little more coverage? Any ideas?


Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour,

although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured.

Not real glamour, it’s based on femininity

Marilyn Monroe