Day Two In The Big Blogger House

by MrHughesReviews

Steps taken since my last blog 3323 (in the absence of a FitBit, Jawbone etc these were manually counted)

Green Juice drunk 0

HIIT Mins – didn’t quite make High Intensity today



So I have made the decision to blog …. And now the difficult bit for a technophobic perimenopausal ( I hate that there is even a name for BEFORE you are menopausal to make you feel even older as you kiss goodbye to your child-bearing years) person …. Wading through the akismets, widgets, metas and how to’s is mind-blowing particularly when trying to keep up with what’s actually happening in the world – I have become obsessed with potential ‘Blog’ material. Everything I have done this week I have been mentally giving a title. Will this blogging malarkey push me back into my sometime compulsive behaviour?  I keep this under tight control but a new interest can send me spiraling into habitual checking for a period of time – this has happened over the years – one of the most recent was downloading the Daily Mail app to my iPhone . I spent a VERY long time  checking the showbiz updates to make sure I wasn’t missing a Cheryl Cole outfit post or the demise of a celebrity love triangle. I have now seen Kim Kardashian in every ill fitting bum backward (belfie) shot you can imagine …. Compulsion over!

Back to widgets and whatnots, I love the cheery tone of the WordPress site which is written simply even for someone like me who only half (quarter) understands social media – it’s an age thing but I do love that they have Happiness Engineers, much less smug than Apple Geniuses (though I do always develop an unhealthy adoration –  ie I want to marry them and have their little Apple genii babies – for anyone who can rescue my Mac from the “spinning-trivial-pursuit-wheel-of-death”). Everything about WordPress has a Cali style ‘come join the fun’ feel, so of course I want to join the party – why WOULD I choose any other blogging format?


So without further ado,  it is that I have decided to Publish and be damned!! WordPress re-assures you that nothing is set in stone and if your widgets and whatnots are not working for you simply change your theme or seek out the help of a happiness engineer ( I will, just so they CAN engineer my happiness!).  Needless to say there are annual charges for every ‘off piste’ tweak you want to make in colour palettes, design, non ads, the list and choices are endless but I think I should keep it simple until I know I can produce a body of work that someone (anyone, please?) actually wants to read.  And of course I had my first post yesterday and anxiously checked my stats throughout the day ….. compelling viewing for me, I feel myself slipping back into the compulsive checking again, MUST keep that under control …. I even had a view in Japan – how? …..  Whilst the other 50 views may have been close friends or family members I definitely DON’T  know anyone in Japan …. oh my goodness …. I am going global!! Think of the merchandising, the potential …. oh, wait a minute …. The World According To Sam dot com ….. a five letter acronym …. Oh Sam, you fool!!!


So here goes anyway  ……….. let me know what you want me to write about …. I’m planning on reviewing some places I have been and some products I have tried, a sort of Me, My World and I sort of thing but would love some ideas ….

Coming up later today …. a review on a beauty product …. In the words of Shaw Taylor “Keep ‘Em Peeled” (if you remember Shaw Taylor you are certainly the right demographic to be reading this post)

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