Social Media ….. A few of my favourite things …

by MrHughesReviews

Steps : I can’t keep manually counting steps so until I avail myself of a Jawbone/FitBit/Flex I shall no longer be reporting on my steps

Green Juice : Nope, not doing it!

HIIT : See above

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I think like me, my blog followers will be new to the thrills of blogging and much of social media … the blogosphere permits anyone (yep, anyone!) to  share their thoughts, views, rants and philosophies ( I will NOT be sharing my philosophies in a freaky-new-age-crocheted-cottage-cheese way anytime soon, as those that know me will think I have taken leave of my senses) and of course, for me, expressing my views, unabridged,  that is the attraction …. it’s me. talking and no-one stopping me mid-flow.  A bonus at my age as if anyone does stop me mid-flow my brain ambles off to who knows where – so many half finished conversations ……

But I did think that if my readership/following is new to blogging too, then I should share some of my favourite things I have discovered as an introduction.   For those partial to a little retail therapy (the activity of shopping to make yourself feel better, my own personal form of self-medicating – I have forewarned you that I can be shallow), t’internet, the information superhighway is the only way to go with aisle cruising in the world’s largest department store 24/7- IN ONE CLICK!

My favourite beauty blogger ever is Caroline Hirons , she is funny, irreverent, she rants, loves tea, hates coriander. throws a mean raised eyebrow (aint’ no Botox in that forehead), LOVES The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Kardashians (but in a good and ironic way) . a skin obsessive – but above all really knows her stuff …. I try not to buy anything skincare wise until I have checked out her blog – although an exception is the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (see previous blog) which I bought on my way through Waterloo one evening (train delay, I think!) .  Because Caroline and a few others are so good at what they do I will not be concentrating my efforts on beauty blogging alone – though I will let you know if I find anything FABULOUS or the source of the Fountain of Youth obvs.

On Twitter, my favourite tweeters are the brilliantly funny Camilla Long, Caitlin Moran, India Knight, Lorraine Candy, Dawn O ‘Porter and Lauren Laverne who often have tweet-chats together that as a follower I can be part of (in a voyeuristic but not creepy way)  and live vicariously through …. I would much rather take in their view on the world than the skewed reporting of the traditional mediums, all the ladies above are officially my ‘girl crushes’ – if there was a group at school that I would want to be part of – this is it.   Funny, intelligent, well read, controversial  ….. OH I AM JUST GREEN WITH ENVY!  At school I was the same, punching above my weight in choosing my friends, choosing the truly brainy girls that were also super athletic, each of them high achievers that could run like the wind.  I joined the athletic club with them but had to restrict myself to shot-put and javelin though I did manage to make the netball team too, they were tall and willowy whilst I was short and lumpy (though not nearly as lumpy as I am now!).  I stay relatively mute on Twitter as I just can’t perform and be funny in 140 characters – it feels like too much pressure but one of my favourite pastimes is watching the oft hilarious commentary on TV programmes … it’s a bit like having a group of friends round discussing what you are watching except they don’t interrupt your viewing. Search Hashtag any TV documentary or terrible reality show to see what is being said.


Instagram is my favourite social media …. and this is where I look to hang out (on the sidelines, in an unobtrusive way), with the ‘cool girls’, the Beauty & Health Editors and Industry Commentators …. Alessandra Steinherr, Sali Hughes, Calgary Avansino …. this is where I go to find my what’s hot and what’s not in the realms of the beauty industry.  This is where you get the heads up on what is going to be launched, what’s worth trying in a bright visual fashion – no need to get those glasses out .  I feel less conspicuous here and am happy to post pictures I have taken on my travels – though I am constantly berated for using naff filters and frames by my children, but with my failing eyesight (to be covered in a later blog) said filters seem to make my pictures look soooo much more interesting and pro-feshunall!


And then there is the creative talent* see disclaimer below that I simply wouldn’t know about without snooping about on the various platforms …. Lie Down I Think I Love You, not only a brilliant name but also a brilliant design company that has just opened a boutique coffee shop in Hoxton on Kingsland Road, combining sublime  bags, purses and accessories using vintage silk scarves served up with coffee and cake.  I haven’t visited  yet to sample the beverage and baked fare but I have some of their bags …. Then there is George Raggett whose Social, Political and Cultural Commentary in the form of Cartoon Illustrations are very funny, he will even create original art to order.  My most recent discovery Abby Cook, another genius artist very different to George but nonetheless equally talented, gorgeous prints, stationery and cards of animals, food, feathers and fashion – all make great gifts and are something a little more unusual than the sometime anodyne high street offering .


DISCLAIMER  I must ‘fess up here, ALL OF THE ABOVE IN THE FINAL PARAGRAPH ARE KNOWN TO ME –  one half of the Lie Down I Think I Love You duo is my very talented cousin, Lisa, both George and Abby have attended school with my own kids but this does not diminish their talent and they do not even know I have written about them …. yet!  Hope that’s okay with them but do check them all out for unique gift ideas


Other Social Media that I have not yet ‘fallen in love with’ are Pinterest …. don’t know why, its all very visual and lovely but I just don’t get it but then I often am a late starter on these things.  Snapchat …. simply takes too long for these wrinkly, vision impaired eyes of mine to focus before the image has disappeared in 5,4,3, 2 ….. , Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr – the list is endless but I am slowly wading through these but of course with all these new mediums it is easy to disengage from the real world, spending too much time at a computer … on which note I’m off for a stroll.


Let me know what you think of all these new ways of communicating   and don’t forget to sign up to my blog to receive regular updates