Fifty Shades of Grey From Silver Fox to GoldiLocks

by MrHughesReviews

Fifty Shades of Grey

I have been lucky enough, for most of my adult life, to have had my hair cut, coloured, conditioned and styled at The Daniel Galvin Salon in London’s Marylebone, and this week is no exception before I head off to Ibiza for a few days next week …. My badger hued hairline has once again got the better of me. As I head off to the Island of beautiful, (firm) young things the very least I can do is cover my fifty shades of grey!

An appointment with the lovely Lily (who trained under the legendary Daniel Galvin OBE King-of-Colour himself) took my shimmering silver halo back to that multi-tonal sun-kissed YOUTHFUL blonde of days gone by. This is the Daniel Galvin Salon’s USP in my opinion. Every member of the DG colour team have served an apprenticeship for three years under the watchful eye of Daniel and his senior colour educators …. So each and every one of the colourists from graduate through to Daniel himself uses the same  prescriptive colour technique.  What do I mean by prescriptive?  Imagine an old fashioned apothecary, the colour dispensary at the salon is not dissimilar – carefully blending a little of this, a smatter of that melded together with a huge chunk of colouring talent to create your own unique and personal colour formulation perfectly matched to your skintone, eye colour and your own hair’s natural base colour. The result? Seamless ie., no tell-tale bands of old colour and new colour. golden locks that look natural and make maintenance easy.

My hair grows at a rate of knots (tenuous hair pun) and as a consequence so too do my grey-ing roots and whilst my follicley challenged brother-in-law tells me to be thankful that the hair stays on my head long enough to go grey it is tiresome to have to have to head off for a cover up every 4/5 weeks.  Louise Galvin as my oldest friend, confidante and also celebrated hair colour guru has bestowed  her Midas touch on my hair since we were in our late teens (lucky, lucky me …. ) and as a consequence has guided me along the gradual (not so gradual, galloping more like) road to managing my transition to grey.  The upshot of her knowledge is that to keep maintenance to a minimum I have had to go lighter gradually  so the regrowth of those pesky Brillo pad textured greys is more subtle and the demarcation between grey and blonde less noticeable.  Louise is off for a Summer break at the moment and Lily is my go to girl at the salon in Louise’s absence, I will undoubtedly need a touch up in a little over a months time but if I can’t quite make it, I know that I am not going to have to hide myself away until I can make it back up to London.  To refresh the old colour I also had a Louise Galvin Vitox Treatment which is a Vitamin C detox that dissolves any product, mineral or environmental build up.  Comment below if you want to know more about the Louise Galvin products, I worked on Louise’s products for nearly 9 years so they are now in my DNA!

Finally my hair was cut and dried by the gorgeous AND brilliantly talented Frankie who also does my Keratin Permanent Blow Dry (review another time)

PS If you are not a blonde they turn out polished, beautiful brunettes too!!

Disclaimer – I have ‘shared’ that I have worked for Louise and she is my friend but our friendship has not influenced my writing – I would also like to ‘share’ that my photography is pretty shocking but I do promise to try harder …. but it does give you an insight into the dramatic change in colour