Under Eye Bags – Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil

by MrHughesReviews

Rimmel Wonder'full

What do you do when you wake up in the morning with under eye bag(gage) that looks as if it should have it’s own passport and travel itinerary? This has become a common occurrence in the Hughes household as the husband and I rub our wrinkly, vision impaired eyes after a night of interrupted sleep.  Interrupted? I hear you say …. night sweats, loo visits, fox-calling (and that is not a euphemism for bedtime Olympics), it takes very little to stir us from our slumber these days …. the consequence of which is bags that Mr Phileas Fogg and his travel companion Jean Passpartout would be proud of.


So, what to do? Tea bags? Cucumber slices? Chilled spoons (beware if they are too cold, i.e. frozen they will stick to and later remove your eyelids in a most horrific way), haemorrhoid cream (yes, really!)?  Or like me, not sure of any of these options? But for immediate results go for lashings of MASCARA!!   I love, love, love Mascara and am all about the lashes …. My desert island essential has always been mascara, lips I am happy with a nude gloss but my lashes I want to be dolly as possible.  However now I am a little older I try to avoid the Pantomime Dame look but I do love to slather on my mascara, I want to achieve Doe-eyed rather than batty old dear!   So I was delighted when I was given the opportunity by Marie Claire to preview the new Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil.  And it is.  Wonder’full that is.  A super intense black, that individually coats lashes without clumping, no smudging adding volume and l-e-e-ength too.  The best thing is that lashes do feel moisturised and even when coated still feel soft and natural.  I really like it and as a true make-up-bag snob (see, there’s me, again – shallow!) I will definitely be purchasing again (£5.99 Boots.com), when I have finished this one as an everyday mascara but I shall never, never forsake my Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara which does give you lush smokey lashes and enhances the aesthetic  of my make-up bag too !