You say Ibiza …. I say Eivissa Part I

by MrHughesReviews

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Island of the young beautiful and enviably slender, as I disembark from the plane everything in my being stops me from calling out “room for a chubby one? “ as my co-passengers alight from the plane in teensy weensy denim shorts and the ubiquitous wrangler ankle boot but despite our wardrobe disparities, Ibiza DOES offer something for everyone. Synonymous with the 70’s hippy vibe, the island has a wealth of beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and hidden gems, as well as Sant Antoni  (the resort you will undoubtedly have heard about as Ibiza’s very own Sin City!) In my experience this is best left to the very young on their first trip abroad! Ibiza is a clubbers paradise, but it is essential to be young of mind and deep of pocket as it is also the land of the €70 entrance fee and €10 bottle of water ….. but its  a whole lot more and with strict building legislation has retained the charm and beauty of old Spain, limiting the high rises to Sant Antoni. A stunning untouched West coast is best explored by boat to discover hidden coves and the clear waters are ideal for snorkelling (bar the ever growing population of jelly fish which seems to be a blight on the Med at the moment),


Over the next few days, I will share some of my favourite spots on the white Isle….


Restaurants …. I prefer authentic Ibizan off the beaten tracks places to the ‘happening scene’ beach clubs that charge a small fortune for the privilege of being served by hip young things who can be surly and unwelcoming whilst a dirge of techno beats pounds in the background .


THE FISH SHACK , Es Pouet de Talamanca, s/n 07819 Santa Eulalia des Ríu Islas Baleares


To find this spot you drive down towards Sa Punta in Talamanca , park in the car park or on the road if you are lucky enough to find a spot and walk out over the rocks, you can’t see the restaurant until you have walked almost to the end and there you find The Fish Shack overlooking the gorgeous Talamanca bay, it’s name, The Fish Shack says it all …. There is no real menu, your waiter will let you know the catch of the day, we sampled some incredible tuna and sea bass served with potatoes and salad … simple but fresh washed down with a crisp white Rioja. Coffee is taken with a glass of the local hooch, Hierbas – this neon digestif is not for me, (sweet and medicinal tasting), but worth sampling as it is often served as a complimentary parting drink at other island eateries. Incidentally if you do like an after dinner tipple do try Pacharan served on lots of ice, a Spanish aniseed liqueur that doesn’t have the stomach pickling, veneer removing quality of Pastis.


Set up on the rocks the Fish Shack has a great atmosphere, very cool and relaxed but for all its deconstructed charm it is not particularly cheap – but Ibiza generally is not a cheap island, however the quality, in my experience is consistently good.


TOP TIP : They only take cash here, so remember to draw cash before you get there as it’s a long way to the nearest cashpoint!

TOMORROW : El Bigote at Cala Mastella


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