Bobbi Brown Longwear Eye Base

by MrHughesReviews

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Channeling my inner Vesuvius, namely the hot flushes that abound, erupting with little or no warning (or warming for that matter …. straight to the heat of Hades!), I am increasingly finding keeping my make up intact a real issue …. Now my make up routine, as I may have mentioned before is scant although I love all things new and cosmetic and often purchase with no intention of using the items but rather like a magpie I must gather these beauty finds nonetheless and line my nest (bathroom cabinet) with them and each day when I reach for my eye-shadow (used as a liner), mascara (lashings of) and observe my jewel like acquisitions , feel them, smell them, sometimes try a little lip or cheek colour before I climb into my bath to remove it again before I start my day. Its an odd thing to do I know but something I have indulged in since I was a child when I would steal into my gorgeously cool aunt’s bedroom, where I would sit on the upper level of her kidney-shaped G plan dressing table and avail myself of her top-notch make up finds (its in the genes, that as a family we all love those shiny, golden compacts, phials, pots and lipsticks of the luxury cosmetic market). There I would sit for hours dabbing a little Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass behind my ears, perfecting a cat flick with a Lancome stylo eyeliner and then a swathe of All Day Roselit Beige, a highly scented creamy nude by Estee Lauder on my lips before sweeping my hair to the side in a Lana Turneresque side pony and using every blonde Kirby grip I could get my hands on to make sure it never strayed back to my nape. There I would sit for hours chatting to myself in the double width mirror, discussing the merits of the beauty booty I had discovered there. And then as a final parting gift, lest she may not realize that I had been kind enough to test on her behalf all her new make up and skincare, I would peel out, one by one every Kleenex tissue from the lacey covered tissue cube and create tissue flowers as a little thank you – though frankly she should have thanked her 6-year-old niece for taking it upon herself to quality test every item in her boudoir on her behalf. I would wait hopefully sitting at the breakfast table on a Sunday morning (as this was the morning after a sleepover at my grandparents) awaiting everyone (anyone, please?) to notice how simply gorgeous I now looked and really how unreasonable they all were to not allow me to wear this look all the time. Looking back now, how my long-suffering aunt didn’t commit blue murder is beyond me ….. her cosmetic stash was worth a king’s ransom, then and now – and I have to confess I still enjoy a rifle through her still well stocked make up bag with its many pockets, organised brushes and currently Giorgio Armani and Laura Mercier swag.

Anyway, as usual I digress …. My recent find and one that I am using more frequently is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Base in Medium, a creamy textured base in a biscuit colour that provides the perfect even toned, slightly glossy but non-greasy underpinning for eye make-up – the wand like applicator is soft on the eyelid and gives just enough colour to neutralise pink tones and create the perfect platform for any shadow or liner. Personally I prefer a shadow to a liner because the colour and line is a little diffused and less harsh. I still can’t quite get to grips with smudging a pencil line, not sure if I am too heavy-handed, but I tend to apply, smudge and then remove all but a dirty smear. Also I have lash extensions so have to be careful using any pencils or liners that are too liquid or wax based and require heavy-duty removers.


So how long is Longwear? After recently dancing into the early hours on a steamy evening at a friends garden party, imbibing one too many Tom Collins and falling into bed in sloooothenly slut mode (ie no make up removal whatsoever, the trail of clothes from the bathroom to the bedroom testament to a the mmol/L of alcohol levels in my blood ) my eye make up was still pretty much intact at lunchtime the next day. I know the make up removal police will be baulking at the very idea of nearly 24 hours in the same make up but I actually LOVE my make up the next day, that slightly slept in, perfect smokey eye is actually what I aspire to when applying my make up, in fact if I could master the art of power napping (I can’t, I need to be in bed mostly, with my clothes off!) I may well build this into my occasion make up routine, though now when I sleep I tend to fall asleep with my hands tucked around my face which leaves an imprint for three or four hours after waking – gone are the days of my youth when I would wake up with a gentle flush to my cheeks and sexy bed head hair – now it is more akin to having had a bit of a run in with Freddie Kruger


So try the Bobbi Brown Longwear Base, (£19)  it really does keep your make up looking fresh and prevents slippage during those hot and sticky days and night, especially if like me you are heading off for a September holiday AFTER the kid’s school holidays!! Or with the deluge of rain that has just swept in over the weekend this will help to keep make up there for a little longer if you get caught in a downpour!