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Month: August, 2014

You say Ibiza …. I say Eivissa Part I

ibiza toes


Island of the young beautiful and enviably slender, as I disembark from the plane everything in my being stops me from calling out “room for a chubby one? “ as my co-passengers alight from the plane in teensy weensy denim shorts and the ubiquitous wrangler ankle boot but despite our wardrobe disparities, Ibiza DOES offer something for everyone. Synonymous with the 70’s hippy vibe, the island has a wealth of beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and hidden gems, as well as Sant Antoni  (the resort you will undoubtedly have heard about as Ibiza’s very own Sin City!) In my experience this is best left to the very young on their first trip abroad! Ibiza is a clubbers paradise, but it is essential to be young of mind and deep of pocket as it is also the land of the €70 entrance fee and €10 bottle of water ….. but its  a whole lot more and with strict building legislation has retained the charm and beauty of old Spain, limiting the high rises to Sant Antoni. A stunning untouched West coast is best explored by boat to discover hidden coves and the clear waters are ideal for snorkelling (bar the ever growing population of jelly fish which seems to be a blight on the Med at the moment),


Over the next few days, I will share some of my favourite spots on the white Isle….


Restaurants …. I prefer authentic Ibizan off the beaten tracks places to the ‘happening scene’ beach clubs that charge a small fortune for the privilege of being served by hip young things who can be surly and unwelcoming whilst a dirge of techno beats pounds in the background .


THE FISH SHACK , Es Pouet de Talamanca, s/n 07819 Santa Eulalia des Ríu Islas Baleares


To find this spot you drive down towards Sa Punta in Talamanca , park in the car park or on the road if you are lucky enough to find a spot and walk out over the rocks, you can’t see the restaurant until you have walked almost to the end and there you find The Fish Shack overlooking the gorgeous Talamanca bay, it’s name, The Fish Shack says it all …. There is no real menu, your waiter will let you know the catch of the day, we sampled some incredible tuna and sea bass served with potatoes and salad … simple but fresh washed down with a crisp white Rioja. Coffee is taken with a glass of the local hooch, Hierbas – this neon digestif is not for me, (sweet and medicinal tasting), but worth sampling as it is often served as a complimentary parting drink at other island eateries. Incidentally if you do like an after dinner tipple do try Pacharan served on lots of ice, a Spanish aniseed liqueur that doesn’t have the stomach pickling, veneer removing quality of Pastis.


Set up on the rocks the Fish Shack has a great atmosphere, very cool and relaxed but for all its deconstructed charm it is not particularly cheap – but Ibiza generally is not a cheap island, however the quality, in my experience is consistently good.


TOP TIP : They only take cash here, so remember to draw cash before you get there as it’s a long way to the nearest cashpoint!

TOMORROW : El Bigote at Cala Mastella


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Under Eye Bags – Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil

Rimmel Wonder'full

What do you do when you wake up in the morning with under eye bag(gage) that looks as if it should have it’s own passport and travel itinerary? This has become a common occurrence in the Hughes household as the husband and I rub our wrinkly, vision impaired eyes after a night of interrupted sleep.  Interrupted? I hear you say …. night sweats, loo visits, fox-calling (and that is not a euphemism for bedtime Olympics), it takes very little to stir us from our slumber these days …. the consequence of which is bags that Mr Phileas Fogg and his travel companion Jean Passpartout would be proud of.


So, what to do? Tea bags? Cucumber slices? Chilled spoons (beware if they are too cold, i.e. frozen they will stick to and later remove your eyelids in a most horrific way), haemorrhoid cream (yes, really!)?  Or like me, not sure of any of these options? But for immediate results go for lashings of MASCARA!!   I love, love, love Mascara and am all about the lashes …. My desert island essential has always been mascara, lips I am happy with a nude gloss but my lashes I want to be dolly as possible.  However now I am a little older I try to avoid the Pantomime Dame look but I do love to slather on my mascara, I want to achieve Doe-eyed rather than batty old dear!   So I was delighted when I was given the opportunity by Marie Claire to preview the new Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil.  And it is.  Wonder’full that is.  A super intense black, that individually coats lashes without clumping, no smudging adding volume and l-e-e-ength too.  The best thing is that lashes do feel moisturised and even when coated still feel soft and natural.  I really like it and as a true make-up-bag snob (see, there’s me, again – shallow!) I will definitely be purchasing again (£5.99, when I have finished this one as an everyday mascara but I shall never, never forsake my Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara which does give you lush smokey lashes and enhances the aesthetic  of my make-up bag too !

Fifty Shades of Grey From Silver Fox to GoldiLocks

Fifty Shades of Grey

I have been lucky enough, for most of my adult life, to have had my hair cut, coloured, conditioned and styled at The Daniel Galvin Salon in London’s Marylebone, and this week is no exception before I head off to Ibiza for a few days next week …. My badger hued hairline has once again got the better of me. As I head off to the Island of beautiful, (firm) young things the very least I can do is cover my fifty shades of grey!

An appointment with the lovely Lily (who trained under the legendary Daniel Galvin OBE King-of-Colour himself) took my shimmering silver halo back to that multi-tonal sun-kissed YOUTHFUL blonde of days gone by. This is the Daniel Galvin Salon’s USP in my opinion. Every member of the DG colour team have served an apprenticeship for three years under the watchful eye of Daniel and his senior colour educators …. So each and every one of the colourists from graduate through to Daniel himself uses the same  prescriptive colour technique.  What do I mean by prescriptive?  Imagine an old fashioned apothecary, the colour dispensary at the salon is not dissimilar – carefully blending a little of this, a smatter of that melded together with a huge chunk of colouring talent to create your own unique and personal colour formulation perfectly matched to your skintone, eye colour and your own hair’s natural base colour. The result? Seamless ie., no tell-tale bands of old colour and new colour. golden locks that look natural and make maintenance easy.

My hair grows at a rate of knots (tenuous hair pun) and as a consequence so too do my grey-ing roots and whilst my follicley challenged brother-in-law tells me to be thankful that the hair stays on my head long enough to go grey it is tiresome to have to have to head off for a cover up every 4/5 weeks.  Louise Galvin as my oldest friend, confidante and also celebrated hair colour guru has bestowed  her Midas touch on my hair since we were in our late teens (lucky, lucky me …. ) and as a consequence has guided me along the gradual (not so gradual, galloping more like) road to managing my transition to grey.  The upshot of her knowledge is that to keep maintenance to a minimum I have had to go lighter gradually  so the regrowth of those pesky Brillo pad textured greys is more subtle and the demarcation between grey and blonde less noticeable.  Louise is off for a Summer break at the moment and Lily is my go to girl at the salon in Louise’s absence, I will undoubtedly need a touch up in a little over a months time but if I can’t quite make it, I know that I am not going to have to hide myself away until I can make it back up to London.  To refresh the old colour I also had a Louise Galvin Vitox Treatment which is a Vitamin C detox that dissolves any product, mineral or environmental build up.  Comment below if you want to know more about the Louise Galvin products, I worked on Louise’s products for nearly 9 years so they are now in my DNA!

Finally my hair was cut and dried by the gorgeous AND brilliantly talented Frankie who also does my Keratin Permanent Blow Dry (review another time)

PS If you are not a blonde they turn out polished, beautiful brunettes too!!

Disclaimer – I have ‘shared’ that I have worked for Louise and she is my friend but our friendship has not influenced my writing – I would also like to ‘share’ that my photography is pretty shocking but I do promise to try harder …. but it does give you an insight into the dramatic change in colour

Social Media ….. A few of my favourite things …

Steps : I can’t keep manually counting steps so until I avail myself of a Jawbone/FitBit/Flex I shall no longer be reporting on my steps

Green Juice : Nope, not doing it!

HIIT : See above

hankie flower

I think like me, my blog followers will be new to the thrills of blogging and much of social media … the blogosphere permits anyone (yep, anyone!) to  share their thoughts, views, rants and philosophies ( I will NOT be sharing my philosophies in a freaky-new-age-crocheted-cottage-cheese way anytime soon, as those that know me will think I have taken leave of my senses) and of course, for me, expressing my views, unabridged,  that is the attraction …. it’s me. talking and no-one stopping me mid-flow.  A bonus at my age as if anyone does stop me mid-flow my brain ambles off to who knows where – so many half finished conversations ……

But I did think that if my readership/following is new to blogging too, then I should share some of my favourite things I have discovered as an introduction.   For those partial to a little retail therapy (the activity of shopping to make yourself feel better, my own personal form of self-medicating – I have forewarned you that I can be shallow), t’internet, the information superhighway is the only way to go with aisle cruising in the world’s largest department store 24/7- IN ONE CLICK!

My favourite beauty blogger ever is Caroline Hirons , she is funny, irreverent, she rants, loves tea, hates coriander. throws a mean raised eyebrow (aint’ no Botox in that forehead), LOVES The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Kardashians (but in a good and ironic way) . a skin obsessive – but above all really knows her stuff …. I try not to buy anything skincare wise until I have checked out her blog – although an exception is the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream (see previous blog) which I bought on my way through Waterloo one evening (train delay, I think!) .  Because Caroline and a few others are so good at what they do I will not be concentrating my efforts on beauty blogging alone – though I will let you know if I find anything FABULOUS or the source of the Fountain of Youth obvs.

On Twitter, my favourite tweeters are the brilliantly funny Camilla Long, Caitlin Moran, India Knight, Lorraine Candy, Dawn O ‘Porter and Lauren Laverne who often have tweet-chats together that as a follower I can be part of (in a voyeuristic but not creepy way)  and live vicariously through …. I would much rather take in their view on the world than the skewed reporting of the traditional mediums, all the ladies above are officially my ‘girl crushes’ – if there was a group at school that I would want to be part of – this is it.   Funny, intelligent, well read, controversial  ….. OH I AM JUST GREEN WITH ENVY!  At school I was the same, punching above my weight in choosing my friends, choosing the truly brainy girls that were also super athletic, each of them high achievers that could run like the wind.  I joined the athletic club with them but had to restrict myself to shot-put and javelin though I did manage to make the netball team too, they were tall and willowy whilst I was short and lumpy (though not nearly as lumpy as I am now!).  I stay relatively mute on Twitter as I just can’t perform and be funny in 140 characters – it feels like too much pressure but one of my favourite pastimes is watching the oft hilarious commentary on TV programmes … it’s a bit like having a group of friends round discussing what you are watching except they don’t interrupt your viewing. Search Hashtag any TV documentary or terrible reality show to see what is being said.


Instagram is my favourite social media …. and this is where I look to hang out (on the sidelines, in an unobtrusive way), with the ‘cool girls’, the Beauty & Health Editors and Industry Commentators …. Alessandra Steinherr, Sali Hughes, Calgary Avansino …. this is where I go to find my what’s hot and what’s not in the realms of the beauty industry.  This is where you get the heads up on what is going to be launched, what’s worth trying in a bright visual fashion – no need to get those glasses out .  I feel less conspicuous here and am happy to post pictures I have taken on my travels – though I am constantly berated for using naff filters and frames by my children, but with my failing eyesight (to be covered in a later blog) said filters seem to make my pictures look soooo much more interesting and pro-feshunall!


And then there is the creative talent* see disclaimer below that I simply wouldn’t know about without snooping about on the various platforms …. Lie Down I Think I Love You, not only a brilliant name but also a brilliant design company that has just opened a boutique coffee shop in Hoxton on Kingsland Road, combining sublime  bags, purses and accessories using vintage silk scarves served up with coffee and cake.  I haven’t visited  yet to sample the beverage and baked fare but I have some of their bags …. Then there is George Raggett whose Social, Political and Cultural Commentary in the form of Cartoon Illustrations are very funny, he will even create original art to order.  My most recent discovery Abby Cook, another genius artist very different to George but nonetheless equally talented, gorgeous prints, stationery and cards of animals, food, feathers and fashion – all make great gifts and are something a little more unusual than the sometime anodyne high street offering .


DISCLAIMER  I must ‘fess up here, ALL OF THE ABOVE IN THE FINAL PARAGRAPH ARE KNOWN TO ME –  one half of the Lie Down I Think I Love You duo is my very talented cousin, Lisa, both George and Abby have attended school with my own kids but this does not diminish their talent and they do not even know I have written about them …. yet!  Hope that’s okay with them but do check them all out for unique gift ideas


Other Social Media that I have not yet ‘fallen in love with’ are Pinterest …. don’t know why, its all very visual and lovely but I just don’t get it but then I often am a late starter on these things.  Snapchat …. simply takes too long for these wrinkly, vision impaired eyes of mine to focus before the image has disappeared in 5,4,3, 2 ….. , Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr – the list is endless but I am slowly wading through these but of course with all these new mediums it is easy to disengage from the real world, spending too much time at a computer … on which note I’m off for a stroll.


Let me know what you think of all these new ways of communicating   and don’t forget to sign up to my blog to receive regular updates





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