Holiday Countdown – Mosquito WMD

So this week I will be in a state of ridiculous excitement, the sort that keeps me awake at night as I mentally map out my swimwear, beach cover up and flip flop combos (only me that does that, then?)  ….  can’t help myself as I prepare for the off … this morning started my long haul prep by ingesting a 75mg Aspirin for it’s blood thinning qualities – am terrified of DVT but not so afraid that I will be seen in those ghastly black inflight black socks – they look soooo 2013 with my wedges and holiday travel attire ………


It doesn’t matter how far (or near) I venture from home I do seem to pick up mossie bites, I still have an itchy spot where a midge got me in Wales – in MAY!! And when they do decide to chow down on my, lets face it, ample body I end up looking like a plague victim with huge, angry pustules that itch to b#!?ery and leave me doing a dance up and down the wall like Baloo in the Jungle Book!


I am not sure what it is that makes me quite so delicious to these blood sucking little devils ….. sweet blood? a special odour (ewwwww)? myth and fact are both well documented on the internet.  Apparently its only the females that bite … what happened to the sisterhood? and girl power?  Strangely Mr H is rarely bitten in the first couple of weeks of our holiday, its only later on when they have riddled my body with the huge red welts (match those to your swimwear, if you can!!), that they decide to have a nibble on him too … a bit like the fruit creams in a tin of Quality Street left over after Christmas, you don’t really like them but if there’s nothing else left in the chocolate box, what the hell!!

Anyway here is the arsenal I take with me to keep those blood lusting, Hannibal Lecters of the insect world, at bay




From L to R

  • Antihistamine … defeatist I know but if I do get bitten I need to stop the itch
  • Repel, Jungle Formula ….. the foul smelling (to humans, forget Mosquitoes!) Deet spray.  I am not keen on using this, it smells so toxic that I am sure it cannot be good for me or the environment, but needs must. And if you miss just one spot the wretched little mother-sucker will find out that spot and bite it, several times!!
  • Avon (remember them …. Ding Dong Avon Calling ….. I haven’t seen an Avon lady or brochure for years but know they are still going strong) Skin So Soft Dry Skin Oil – this smells great, feels really nice on the skin (like a dry oil, funnily enough) and apparently is abhorrent to the female mosquito – nothing proven with this but much research on the internet has brought this product to my attention again and again – I bought mine, in bulk,  on Amazon but you may know of an Avon lady near you
  • Vitamin B Complex – one a day for 7 days before your trip and whilst you are away, apparently the Vitamin B makes you taste a little funky to the mosquito – a little research online suggests that this remedy is unproven but again I am going at this with EVERYTHING I’ve got!
  • Tea Tree Oil …. this is for if one of the nasty little suckers does get me  … provides instant sting to an open wound (ouch) but strangely soothing afterwards and prevents infection.  The less robust of you may prefer Lavender oil which does a similar job
  • Aspivenin – this is pure GENIUS and feels quite clinical, I do feel like Hattie Jacques in Carry On Nursing when I use it.  This works as a vacuum, extracting the poison/venom to stop the itch (and other effects of stings etc)  …. it can be used on bites from horseflies, biting ants, mosquitoes, jellyfish, wasps, snakes and scorpions – though if either of those last two creatures bit/stung me there would be no need to remove the venom as the sheer terror would finish me off!
  • After Bite – a noxious, stinging liquid ammonia that also helps to alleviate itching (if the tea tree, antihistamine and Aspivenin aren’t enough)
  • Hyrdrocortisone Ointment 1% available from at £3.29 – another unguent to help with the itching and contain reactions to the bites (remember steroid creams and ointments should be used sparingly)

In addition there will be plug-ins and spray in our room which I shall use without hesitation.

Do you have any suggestions or remedies that I could add to my stash?