Charity Begins at Home …. LocalGiving Doubles your money

by MrHughesReviews

IMG_5301Good news, nay Great News …. an initiative to match fund charitable donations is happening, and it’s happening now!

Grow Your Tenner is now live! will once again be matching one-time donations pound-for-pound up to £10, and monthly donations up to £10 per month for 6 months. All charities with active LocalGiving memberships are eligible to receive match funding up to a total of £12,000, and the campaign runs  across the whole of the UK. So if you know of a charity affiliated to LocalGiving make sure they are tapping into these essential extra resources.

With Gift Aid, a one-time donation of £10 made through to a participating charity during the Grow Your Tenner campaign will generate £21.55, so make sure you spread the word and get ready to start growing those tenners! And if you donate £10 per month for 6 months this will grow to £130.07.

This sort of revenue is crucial to the survival of so many grass roots charities that often don’t have glamorous patrons or big marketing budgets.  For me I would rather support these national charities with regional offices that don’t churn out gift and card brochures, mail outs etc.  They are often reliant on fundraising activities locally rather than a large national pot … I find it intensely irritating when I receive a mail out with a ‘free’ pen or postcard, free to me but not to the charity and my annoyance makes me peevish at the wastefulness and less likely to donate, its obviously a proven method of raising funds but can it really be cost effective? With the success of the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the Summer, charities will be rethinking their fundraising activities (and budgets) but in the meantime this initiative whereby the government is adding capital to your donations, isn’t it doubly important to make a donation NOW before the match funding ends?


I heard about this initiative from a friend who has close ties with Cruse Bereavement Care for South West Surrey and are part of the Grow Your Tenner scheme.  I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of the Cruse fundraisers which are always fun and raise much needed money to keep the charity’s local efforts going strong.  Ironically this is a largely voluntary service and those same volunteers are also the ones resolutely organising, cooking and clearing up at these fundraisers – so this is a chance to show your appreciation for their good works, making them more bang for their buck!

Cruse is a national charity that provides advice, information and support to anyone who has been bereaved (children, young people and adults), whenever or however the death occurred. The service is provided by trained, experienced volunteers and is confidential and free.

You can donate here Cruse Bereavement for South West Surrey

How could your donation be used?

£10 could pay for leaflets to be sent to five bereaved people

£15 could pay for a bereaved person to attend a group support meeting

£25  could pay for an individual session with a bereavement volunteer

£200 is the average cost of supporting each bereaved person

If every one of my followers on my Blog donated £10 pounds we could add over £3000 to the Cruse SW Surrey coffers – what a lovely thought   … the possibility that 15 people could receive support through your efforts.