Baby Star Pasta Soup

by MrHughesReviews

Chicken Soup …. AKA Jewish penicillin – I could not agree more, soup is warming and true comfort food, particularly when you are feeling under the weather or cold and one of my favourites is this recipe from when I was a child, a cheap supper for my sometimes cash strapped mother and one I still indulge in when Mr H is away on business, cooking for one couldn’t be simpler. A good quality chicken stock with lots of flavour or even a Knorr Chicken Stop Cube and Marigold Swiss Bouillon Vegetable stock will all give you the perfect base for your soup.


Stellete Star pasta is available online and in good Italian delis, the supermarkets sometimes have it under their own label but the de Cecco is durum wheat, which I prefer.


250g de Cecco Stellete Pasta n.75

750ml good stock chicken or vegetable stock

(if you have roasted a chicken, boil up the bones with an onion, carrot and celery to make your own stock)

Salt and Pepper to taste

A knob of butter to taste

Fresh parmesan shavings or grated to taste

Chopped flat leaf parsley (optional – to taste!!)

If you want to add a little protein, finely chop some cooked chicken once the pasta is cooked through sufficiently but ensure you heat the chicken through thoroughly


Boil the pasta in stock for 7-10 minutes, depending how well you like your pasta cooked – al dente or moosh? you choose, personally I think this works best with the pasta well done.

To serve, allow the soup to cool a little

add a knob of butter, some freshly ground black pepper and a couple of fine shavings of fresh parmesan. grind a little black pepper, finish with a little finely chopped flat leaf parsley ….. E Bob è tuo zio (and Bob’s your uncle!)