Bunny Ears Napkins – Easter Inspiration

by MrHughesReviews

 Take a white napkin and a pink napkin Fold them each in half down the middle, lengthwise. Crease and unfold again.

Fold the corners of each napkin in at 45 degree angles.  

Fold the coloured napkin across the middle and crease so that it is slightly smaller than the white napkin. Place the 2 napkins on top of each other, white napkin underneath, with the folds facing in towards each other.

Fold the napkins lengthways together, the white on the outside, and make a crease.Unfold and then fold the two edges into the centre crease. Crease again.

Fold in half lengthways once more, then fold in half across. 


Place eggs egg or sweets in the centre of the fold as shown. Fold the napkin around the egg, gathering the ‘ears’ so that they meet at the top of the egg. If you like, tie together with a length of ribbon.