Pilau Cauliflower Rice 

by MrHughesReviews

1 cauliflower, green leaves removed and broken into florets (remove most of the stem retaining the flowery head)

1 finely chopped onion 

1 star anise

Cinnamon stick

3/4 cardamom pods – I always count them in and count them out, they are great to impart that aromatic resinous sweetness to dishes but also soapy tasting horrors that lurk amidst your ingredients and catch you unwittingly when munching on rice or hidden in sauce!

A sprinkle of black mustard seed

Salt & Pepper to taste

Place florets into food processer, using the pulse button, break down until resembling the texture of rice. (It may be better to do this in batches so you don’t over process and make too fine – like the couscous).

In a pan add vegetable oil (rapeseed is good). When hot add all the spices to impart flavour to the oil. You can either remove the spices at this point or leave, dependent on if you like the texture of the spices, they do look lovely when serving. 

Next soften your finely chopped onion in the flavoured oil. When soft, add the cauliflower rice and heat through thoroughly- serve immediately. Also delicious when topped with some crispy fried onion. 

Remember with both the cauliflower couscous and rice recipes although you do want to heat through properly you also want to retain some bite and texture – so don’t let the mixture ‘sweat’ too much or overcook.