As far as demographics go, I have checked and I am a Generation X-er married to a Baby Boomer with two Generation Y offspring …. An empty nester who likes nothing better than filling that nest again with my own children, other people’s animals, food, wine, beauty stuff and friends. An ardent consumer of beauty products luxe and otherwise, a consummate shopper and researcher of all things retail … as I have got older my love of fashion hasn’t dwindled but rather been diminished by my burgeoning curves and a lack of high street retailers that don’t want to dress me in ‘big girl’ dresses and waterfall necklines (with my honey-bunz, anything that adds volume in the chest area is a serious no-no!). I would like to live in a world created by Chrissie Rucker of The White Company, all muted greys, naturals and a palette of whites … sublimely chic but then I am drawn to something ridiculously frivolous ….. and pink …. Or worse still …. TWEE! I love a ‘theme’ but not fancy dress, and to hang out around Bermondsey, Brick Lane and Shoreditch and pretend to be a hipster … any excuse to throw on a comfortable pair of Birkenstocks in the name of fashion – not comfort


Next year, I will be 50 – there I have said it, actually committed my true age to the internet, the point of no return. My younger brothers no longer have to pretend to be my older brothers and my friends can stop badgering me to admit that George Michael’s Last Christmas is not ‘before my time’ – but David Cassidy is, other than in the Partridge Family … and my children can revert to calling me mum in front of strangers instead of Sam (I used artistic license there – is that permitted in the blogging fraternity/sorority?) … If I slip up on blogging etiquette do let me know


Twice I was a mother,

Once I was a wife,

Tore off the labels,

Now all that’s left is life.

Gretchen Crier