Kitchen Gadgets – Spiraliser


Do you have a cupboard full of kitchen gadgets that you never use? And don’t you love it when you find one that really does work and you actually use on a regular basis?

I had a plethora of defunct, aged kitchen paraphernalia .. the ubiquitous orange plastic Moulinex mandolin of the late 70’s, early 80’s, my chamfered knuckles a testament to the razor-sharp blade! And an orange enamel Le Creuset fondue set …. mostly sitting redundant, looking ironically retro in dog-eared boxes at the back of a kitchen cupboard.  I am usually gadget-averse, fearing further cluttering of ever more full kitchen cupboards. I rarely fall foul of wunder-gadget demos at food or home fairs (unlike Mr H who is a groupie for an y kind of exhibition demonstration!!).   I already have THE best peeler, (Good Grips), Zester (Ikea), Parmesan Grater (Microplane) and numerous sets of tongs (Ikea, Poundland, etc) and thought my gadgetry collection complete … until I discovered the Spiraliser, a genius hourglass shaped contraption with two blades (varying sizes for thick or thin spiralising!) and the gadget-de-choix of the carb-free, gluten-free, healthy-eater brigade.  There is a larger, more fancy-pants version by Hemsley & Hemsley but until you are sure you are going to use it I would stick to the one I have from Amazon here  for £13.95


I have only used this on courgettes, (and a carrot for experimental purposes only)  I have made oodles of Zoodles (Zucchini noodles) and miles of Courgetti and as long as you don’t over cook it, it is ‘virtually’ indistinguishable from the real thing bar the fact that I am indigestion and carb-bloat free!

So this is my gadget go-to for now …. What next?

Top Tip … Don’t spiralise your fingers – I have – it hurts!